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Contact Us. Site Map. Business Solution Center. Programs. Business Solutions. Products. Corporate & Commercial. Banking. Delivering on our mission to be the foundation for local commerce. The inclusion of a physical invoice with the purchase or delivery of all goods and services provided to your business. The issuance of a physical purchase order or credit card authorization form is required for the purchase of goods and services more than the stated purchase price. The accounting for the purchase or delivery of goods and services to your business includes credit memos, vendor statements, and control codes. You must use a unique control code to identify the transaction for each vendor. Financial transactions, as defined by the International Financial Reporting Standards Board (IFRSB), are all transactions that have a significant amount of assets, liabilities, equity, and financial positions from the perspective of the economic community. The issuance of a purchase order or credit card authorization form for the purchase of goods and services that are not subject to exchange or cancellation rights is subject to the terms of the contract. Your business must have a business contact or "biller" who is responsible for receiving and processing any invoices and making payments. Business contacts should have a designated relationship with the business they are billing. Corporate account processing by an individual or individuals is subject to special license restrictions. You must pay a charge to the card issuer for the initial authorization of a credit card number. Payments can be made by direct deposit, Internet banking, or check. An invoice may be transmitted electronically, in paper format, or in person. The office of the comptroller collects information related to the revenue and expenditures of government. The comptroller is the custodian of financial reports for state and local governments. Vendor Statements and other records of financial transactions are created by the Comptroller's Office and are issued in paper form. Comptroller's reports may be purchased from book

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